July 20, 2024
Aziz Akhannouch and Malcolm Hoenlein – creating a powerful response to renewed attacks against King Mohammed 6 and Morocco
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Aziz Akhannouch and Malcolm Hoenlein – creating a powerful response to renewed attacks against King Mohammed 6 and Morocco

Aziz Akhannouch, a prospective future head of Morocco’s next government, is creating a powerful response to renewed attacks against Morocco by sponsoring the 2021 Leadership Conference. In the first week of August, the conference will bring a high-ranking delegation of international business leaders to convene in Rabat and visit Dakhla, sending a strong signal of solidarity with Morocco’s sovereignty over Western Sahara, amidst a raging media campaign.

“It is a special honor to participate in the 2021 Leadership Conference. Morocco under the enlightened leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI is well positioned to play a leadership role in the Eastern Mediterranean and far beyond. Morocco has much to offer the entire region as it develops its economic potential. It is a vital hub linking the West to the East, Europe, Africa, and the Mid East,” says the leader of the delegation, Malcolm Hoenlein, the executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, which represents 53 of the leading Jewish groups in the United States. Hoenlein has been awarded the highest Order of the Kingdom of Morocco by King Mohammed VI for his service.

Akhannouch’s gathering of diverse industry leaders, experts, and investors in the energy, energy security, and rare earth minerals fields, demonstrates support for King Mohammed VI’s vision and confidence in Morocco’s economic potential as the most effective way to overcome concerted attacks.

Malcolm Hoenlein’s message of friendship and solidarity at this diplomatically sensitive time express the sentiments of a growing number of allies, business partners, and supporters of the King who are seeing the opportunity in the growth of the trilateral relationship following Morocco’s joining the Abraham Accords. Akhannouch’s key role in facilitating this gathering underscore the unity of vision and the power of rallying key international players to advance Moroccan interests.

“The universal respect for His Majesty and admiration for the Moroccan people are critical assets for putting Morocco on the cutting edge in the future. The participation of key leaders from various parts of the United States, Israel and other countries is testament to the confidence in Morocco’s future growth,” added Malcolm Hoenlein.

Other notable names in the delegation include Victoria Coates, the former Senior Adviser to the US Energy Secretary and former Deputy US National Security Advisor, John T. McNabb II, Lead Director of Continental Resources (a multi-billion-dollar petroleum and gas exploration company) and Vice President of the Council for a Secure America, and Adiv Baruch, the Chairman of the Israel Export Institute.

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