April 16, 2024
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The Inside Look on the Rescue mission of the Ukrainian Refugees to Poland

The Washington Outsider is hosting a special program with an executive from the Atlas Network, Tom G. Palmer, & Polish law firm partner Robert Witek-Pogorzelski assisting in transportation networks for #Ukraine refugees (& their pets) to #Poland We will discuss the inside look into the humanitarian crisis & current needs.

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Europe Featured Weekly Top Videos

The Impact of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine on Syria and the Middle East

#Russia’s invasion of #Ukraine is reverberating throughout the Middle East – and not just through rising food prices. The Washington Outsider will speak with Ghaidaa Hetou, an expert on the #geopolitics of the war in #Syria & the expected changes in the roles of various players.

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Morocco: The African Champion

By Professor Amine Laghidi With the beginning of this new year 2022 the Kingdom of Morocco confirms its position as the African Champion and a true engaged locomotive for peace and economic development in Africa and the world. After a perfect score management of the pandemic since the very 1st days of the start of […]

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Why Does Iran Escalate Its Proxy War in the UAE?

Morocco’s clear and concise support message to United Arab Emirates By Abdelkader Filali. Ph.D. (Ottawa University) The Houthi- Iranian attacks on Abu Dhabi have had little effect on battlefield events, and Iran malign manoeuvres has failed to politically weaken UAE and the whole gulf countries. On the contrary, UAE now had support from the international […]

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A Weaker Africa is one of Algeria’ Larger Aims

The Malian Crisis: Algeria’ Destabilising Interference By Abdelkader Filali. Ph.D. Ottawa University The military regime in Algeria, cannot and will never be a peace broker, but a conflict maker. The whole literature, which studied military regimes in various geographies notes that by its nature, a military regime does not have the authenticity and the credibility […]

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The crisis in Kazakhstan. The impact of the crisis on geopolitical processes.

By Rustam Taghizade, Political Scientist Protests in Kazakhstan on January 2 reached a peak in the country. Peaceful protests began earlier this week in the western Kazakh city of Zhanaozen. Rising fuel prices in this oil-rich city have led to deeper dissatisfaction with the country’s economic and political structure. Kazakh President Tokayev has made some […]

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Russia-Ukraine conflict. Features of ethnic and national affiliation in the conflict. Russia’s new plans

By Rustam Taghizade Introduction: In recent months, relations between Ukraine and Russia have become tense again. The deployment of Russian troops along the Ukrainian border and the accumulation of military equipment on the Ukrainian border remains a fact. In early 2021, Ukraine received new Bayraktar UAVs from Turkey. In addition, Ukraine is modernizing its army […]

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A Military Defense Alliance in the Middle East with Israel the Security Guarantor

By Dr. Frank Musmar On August 3, 2021, the Israeli broadcaster, Kan, reported that Prime Minister Naftali Bennett suggested to U.S. President Joe Biden the formation of a military alliance (NATO of the Middles east) that includes Israel, the Gulf States, and Jordan to confront Iran. The report confirmed by the commission’s correspondent in Washington, […]

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