July 20, 2024
Erdogan’s Turkey sanctioned for human trafficking
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Erdogan’s Turkey sanctioned for human trafficking

The TRAFFICKING IN PERSONS REPORT JUNE 2021 has just been released by the Department of State.

On reading it, one remark stands out: the theme and the efforts were not in vain of the Washington Outsider conference moderated by the editor-in-chief of the Washington Outsider and Human Rights Lawyer Irina Tsukerman and her guests Security Analyst Scott Morgan and Strategic Analyst Mayyar Shehadeh.

The terms of the theme of the Berlin and Libya conference, in particular on the use of child soldiers, the subject of the American sanction against Turkey, were adopted by the said report.

During the conference, Libya was compared to Yemen. In fact, Erdogan had imported fighters from Yemen to Libya and Iran is also active in Libya, as it is in Yemen.

In addition to similar child soldier situations, the countries have unwelcomed foreign interventionism in common.

In the interests of justice, the Biden administration must reinstate Trump’s ruling calling the Houthis a terrorist organization for, among other things, the use of child soldiers.

The growth of Iran and other foreign meddling also is evidenced in other parts of North Africa, including Polisario.

The same goes for the qualification of the terrorist organization of the Polisario and Hezbollah.

The Polisario is using child soldiers armed and funded by Iran, Qatar, and Algerian generals and trained by Hezbollah to carry out attacks against the kingdom of Morocco. Polisario has been in Libya during 2011 as the state collapsed and assisted the jihadists with the help of the Muslim Brotherhood.

It should be noted that Erdogan capitalized on the disastrous consequences of the Arab Spring and used a mixture of neo-Ottoman and religious rhetoric to motivate any militia, group, movements, or party wishing to sponsor its activities and raise the financial situation of its leaders. Everything indicates that Erdogan in collusion with Sarraj, then head of Berlin 1, made a secret deal to bring in child soldiers from Syria to fight in Libya.

This agreement risks derailing the decision of Berlin 2 concerning the withdrawal of mercenaries, including child soldiers, introduced on Libyan soil.

The evidence for the use and exploitation of child soldiers has been reported in a separate article concerning Yemen by Tsukerman. Right now, Tsukerman is leading this fight in Geneva by participating in the Yemen Coalition of Independent Women’s event on Houthis and drug trafficking on the sidelines of the 47th UNHCR Session to expose the criminal acts of the Houthis against women and child soldiers. where on Monday, July 28th, she mentioned the contacts between Houthis and Polisario. In addition to coordination on various criminal schemes, the two separatist terrorist militias have another thing in common: the use of child soldiers. (read article here)

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