July 20, 2024
Statement on crime of execution against nine civilians 
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Statement on crime of execution against nine civilians 

Human rights organizations condemn what the criminal Houthi militia carried out this morning, Saturday, September 18, 2021, of the crime of execution against nine civilians who were framed in the case of killing wanted No. 2 on the list of terrorists and war crimes, the former head of their Supreme Political Council, “Saleh Al-Samad” and his companions.

 The Houthi militia held several mock trials for the victims, where the specialized criminal prosecution in Hodeidah governorate issued the death sentence against the defendants after depriving them of their most basic rights to defense and refrained from hearing their evidence. The case was reserved for judgment without guaranteeing their right to defense and without providing them with a fair trial.

 The victims who were executed are: (Mohammed Noah, Ibrahim Aqel, Ali Al-Quzi, Abdul-Malik Hamid, Moaz Abbas, Mohammad Al-Mashkhari, Muhammad Haig, Mohammad Quzi, Abdulaziz Al-Aswad (a minor)), after they were detained and forcibly disappeared, and they were prevented from any visit to them , Or contacting their families, and subjecting them to cruel and inhuman treatment during detention, and this ruling is considered outside the law and contrary to international conventions and norms.

 The organizations call on the international community, human rights organizations, the UN envoy and the Secretary-General of the United Nations, to take serious action to stop such arbitrary rulings, in violation of international law issued by the Houthi militia, successively, without any responsibility for the killing of citizens, and the release of all abducted and arbitrarily detained civilians, politicians, journalists and others.

September 17, 2021

The Yemeni Coalition of Independent Women

Arab Initiative for Education and Development

The Washington Outsider

PostVersa NGO

The European Organizations Union for peace in Yemen

8th March Yemeni Union Women

Yemeni Broken Chair Organization for Mine Victims

Human Rights Association

International  Cohesion for defending Rights and Liberties

Yemeni Dutch Center for Rights and Freedoms

Yemeni European House

German- Yemen Forum for Human Rights and Liberties

Yemeniat Foundation for Integrity and Transparency

Women Coalition for Peace in Yemen

Association for the Protection of Abused Women and Survivors of Houthi Prisons

Kony Watan Organization for Rights and Freedoms

Rescue Call for Rights, Development and Relief Organization

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