June 17, 2024
Statement on the crimes of the Houthi militia in Marib
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Statement on the crimes of the Houthi militia in Marib

Human rights organizations condemn the terrorist attack on the Salafi Dar al-Hadith Center in al-Juba, south Marib, today, Monday, which killed 39 people, including women and children, according to local human rights sources.

The organizations express their concern and denunciation of the bloody attackes caused by the Houthi militia ,in Marib and all Yemeni governorates. This horrific crime comes after several premeditated crimes against civilians ,committed by the Houthi militia during the past few days in the governorates of Ma’rib and Taiz, in which innocent women and children were killed.

We condemn in the strongest terms this bloody criminal operation that led to the martyrdom of citizens, including women and children, with two ballistic missiles that targeted the Hadith Center headed by Sheikh Yahya Al-Hajouri, and the mosque affiliated to it in the village of Al-Amoud in the district of Al-Juba.

Those who were killed in this criminal operation are students, and such attacks cannot be justified, as the Houthi militia has harassed all places and did not leave even mosques and places of worship, and all religions respect the sanctity of places of worship.

This criminal operation comes within an organized methodology to target every institute violates it doctrinally and sectarianly.

We call on the United Nations, the UN envoy and the international human rights organizations ,concerned to condemn the ongoing crimes committed by the Houthi militia against Yemenis. We also ask to pressure them to stop the repeated violations of mosques, places of worship, science centers and residences in Marib, and to spare them from targeting and destruction.

The Yemeni Coalition of Independent Women

Arab Initiative for Education and Development

The Washington Outsider

The European Organizations Union for peace in Yemen

8th March Yemeni Union Women

Human Rights Association

International  Cohesion for defending Rights and Liberties

Yemeni Dutch Center for Rights and Freedoms

Yemeni European House

Women Coalition for Peace in Yemen

Association for the Protection of Abused Women and Survivors of Houthi Prisons

Kony Watan Organization for Rights and Freedoms

Rescue Call for Rights, Development and Relief Organization

Free Voices Organization

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