May 28, 2024
The Emirates and Europe, A Sustainable Relationship
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The Emirates and Europe, A Sustainable Relationship

The Emirates and Europe a sustainable relationship

by: Maria Maalouf

Whoever observes the movement of Emirati diplomacy concludes that he is in front of a hive of bees that does not tire and does not get bored, achieving results without being distracted by a lot of words, as it is a diplomacy of actions, not talks. UAE, taking a leadership position on energy and climate issues, is preparing to host the Summit of the Conference of the Parties to Climate (COP28) to develop solutions to the global climate change crisis .  UAE has been keen on advancing its relations with Europe since its establishment at the hands of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan May God bless him; this framework of multilateral alliances for establishing the best relations with the countries of the European Union individually and with the European Union as an international political grouping, comes at a time when the international dialogue on energy and climate is expanding beyond internal Western messaging.

Moreover, the framework of the UAE’s active foreign policy strategy  to strengthen ties with various countries of the world based on parity and equality enhances the position of the UAE and serves its interests, including nationalism and patriotism. In addition to consolidating its position and presence regionally and internationally, the UAE achieved a balance between its relations with the Middle East and the West, based on the vision of moderation pursued through diplomatic engagement, especially under the leadership of UAE President Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed.  At the forefront of his multilateral vision is the European Union, which chose Abu Dhabi years ago to open its headquarters in the Emirates, given that Abu Dhabi constitutes a focal point in regional politics.  Internationally, the UAE is a strategic partner of the European Union and a prominent supporter of its directions in establishing peace and security. UAE’s position is strengthened in its record of assisting in solving other crises. Here I would like to remind of its recent mediation role, which included assistance with the negotiated release of Ukrainian prisoners in Moscow.  UAE even offered to host negotiations and dialogue between Russia and Ukraine to end the war that not only exhausted Russia and Ukraine but also weighed heavily on European unity.

This is based on the fact that the main objective of Emirati diplomacy in the regional and international arenas is that foreign policy is in the service of common development issues. Hence Emirati-European cooperation emerged to establish a sustainable relationship. In this regard, Federica Mogherini, High Representative for Security Policy and Foreign Affairs of the European Union, says and the former Vice-President of the European Commission, confirmed that the relations between the UAE and the European Union witnessed remarkable development and prosperity. These two critical areas will enhance the flow of investment and improve trade relations.

The information and figures indicate the position of the UAE and its strategic importance to the European Union, as Abu Dhabi is the first in the Near East region to enjoy a visa-exemption system for all EU countries. The UAE is a stabilizing factor for successful investments in general and European assets in particular. It is a leading center for more than 40,000 companies from the European Union. Under its location at the convergence of civilizations and the junction of East and West, we see that those who live in it do not feel alienation or estranged. The sense of security missing even from some countries in Europe prompted more than 160,000 European citizens to use UAE permanent place of residence.  We also should not lose sight of the fact that the UAE tops the list of the most prominent destinations for European exports. UAE is not just an ally but a strategic partner of the European Union, and their relationship will only strengthen over time.


Maria Maalouf is a journalist, broadcaster, and owner of theCapitol Tv show from Washington DC. She holds an MA in Political Sociology from the University of Lyon. You can find her on Twitter @bilarakib

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