June 15, 2024
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Impact of the Almaty meeting on the political processes in the South Caucasus

By Rustam Taghizade The meeting of the foreign ministers of Azerbaijan and Armenia in Almaty, Kazakhstan, has come to an end. I would like to mention the role of the city of Almaty. Almaty is strengthening its image as a place for dialogue and the resolution of international conflicts, as demonstrated by the negotiations on […]

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Russia and China against the International Order Empires vs. Nation-States

by Dr. Ioannis E. Kotoulas Russia and China are two revisionist states that have employed various modes of subversion against their neighbors, ranging from open threats and economic warfare to full-scale invasion. The states of Eastern Europe and Taiwan in the Pacific Ocean are witnesses to this. In essence, we already witness the gradual emergence […]

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In Newsweek: A Pro-Western Azerbaijan Deserves American Support

The Washington Outsider’s Editor-in-Chief Irina Tsukerman co-wrote an article with Southfive Strategies’ President Jason Epstein in Newsweek. One of us is a human rights attorney stridently opposed to Turkish foreign policy in the Eastern Mediterranean and elsewhere; the other is a public affairs consultant who strongly believes Turkey is a key pillar in America’s ongoing […]

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Azerbaijan – Armenia: Tripartite agreement of November 10, 2020 and the paths to peace

by Zaur N SadigBayli Zaur N. SadigBayli Civil Administrator, Lawyer Political commentator French of Azerbaijani origin PO: Yerevan Dear Friends and Readers, Today, November 10, is the first anniversary of the signing of the tripartite agreement between Azerbaijan, Armenia and Russia that ended 30 years of conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia. However, many questions remain […]

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President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev gets the highest Turkish award.

By Vusala Abbasova Earlier, a ceremony to inaugurate a new building of the Secretariat of the Cooperation Council of the Turkic-Speaking States was held in Istanbul, on November 12. Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev attends the event. Prior to the event, the heads of state and government posed together for a group photo. The Turkish president […]

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Member of the Parliament of Azerbaijan Mr. Shahin İsmayilov: “Organizations dealing with environmental issues are should not remain silent to the ecocide committed by Armenia”

In 2020 after the 44 days of war the Nagorno-Karabakh problem was solved by Azerbaijan. Leaders of Azerbaijan, Armenia and Russia signed an agreement to end the military operations in the de-occupied territories of Azerbaijan. According to the provisions of the statement Armenia had to withdraw its armed forces from the occupied Kalbajar, Aghdam and […]

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International Webinar on Armenia’s Deadly Harvest in Karabakh: Mines, War Crimes and the Peace Process

Moderated by Irina Tsukerman,  Guests included: Mr. Khalid Taimur Akram, Mr. Qaiser Nawab, Dr. Pat Walsh, Ms. Anastasia Lavrina, Dr. Ali Askerov

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Armenia’s groundless allegations of committing “cultural crimes” in the liberated territories of Azerbaijan

By Mr. Mubariz Gurbanli, the Chairman, the State Committee on Religious Associations of the Republic of Azerbaijan  On March 25, 2021, BBC News reported on the disappearance of the Armenian Church in the Azerbaijani city of Jabrayil. However, allegations by the Armenian Foreign Ministry and the Armenian National Commission for UNESCO that Azerbaijan has committed […]

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Inter-Religious Tolerance and Solidarity: Jews in Azerbaijan

 By Fidan Ismayılzada, Adviser of International Relations Department of SCRA Azerbaijan combines East and West, north and South and made a unique contribution to the development of humanity, its culture and heritage. Azerbaijan absorbed all the best historical path of human development. Therefore, it’s very important to know about this country and learn its history, culture, […]

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How Conflict Zones From Afghanistan to the Caucasus Fuel Drug Trafficking

How Conflict Zones From Afghanistan to the Caucasus Fuel Drug Trafficking By Taras Kuzio US military withdrawal from Afghanistan is 90% complete. President Joe Biden said it ‘was not in the national interest to continue fighting’ and ‘I will not send another generation of Americans to war in Afghanistan with no reasonable expectation of achieving […]

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