June 15, 2024
Iran: what are the stakes for the presidential election?
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Iran: what are the stakes for the presidential election?

By Fadhel Ben Maarouf

Offices closed after an extension to adjust results according to a pre-programmed schedule. Elsewhere, Negotiations are currently taking place in Vienna on the Iranian nuclear issue. It is a Shiite regime which wants above all to save its revolution and extend it abroad. 

What about the Iranians in all of this? Over the past four years, the number of people living below the poverty line has doubled (from 15% to 30% of the population). The middle class is on the road to impoverishment, and it too is being undermined by the combination of sanctions and mismanagement. The regime maintains itself through repression. But if the Iranians are serious in the nuclear negotiations, it is to find a little economic ease and respite. If this agreement is signed, it is a chance for the probable new president, Raïssi. 

Bazaar diplomacy On nuclear power, the Iranians are negotiating in their own way, so it can go on for a long time. it is the technique of the “Bazaar”. No surprise election Iran chooses president, victory expected for ultra-conservative Ebrahim Raïssi The election which has just ended should mark the victory of the ultra-conservative Ebrahim Raïssi. According to the few polls available, abstention could reach an unprecedented level and probably exceed 58%. 

Who is the future President? The conservative Ebrahim Raïssi is the big favorite of this ballot. He runs the Iranian judiciary with iron hands and has the support of all power, in this case that of Supreme Leader Khamenei. In front of him, there are extras. However, its task is particularly difficult since it must mobilize a reformist electorate disappointed with the record of President Hassan Rouhani. The Iranians expect more of the outcome of the nuclear negotiations than the outcome of the elections. 

In conclusion, The presidential election in Iran, which takes place this Friday, June 18, is scheduled, and without suspense, the ultra-conservative and favorite candidate Ebrahim Raïssi is expected to win it. Its real opponents have been dismissed by the Council of Guardians of the Iranian Constitution. Voters may not come to vote. this is the only stake, to give legitimacy to a breathless Islamist regime and sponsor of terrorist organizations, Hezbollah, Hamas and Polisario, to name but a few.

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