July 20, 2024
The United Arab Emirates, the United States, and the World Climate Summit
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The United Arab Emirates, the United States, and the World Climate Summit

By Maria Maalouf

A version of this article in Arabic first appeared in Al-Ain.

In recent decades, the United Arab Emirates has demonstrated its ability to adapt to crises and create safer and more sustainable alternatives in all economic, production, and service sectors, including clean energy. It is investing $100 billion in clean energy projects, having pledged that by the year 2050, the UAE will reach climate neutrality, which it is presenting as one of its pioneering goals at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate “COP28” for 2023.

Perhaps the most prominent objectives of the partnership between the two UAE and the United States lie in expanding the volume of investment in energy and financing. Additionally, Abu Dhabi and Washington are committed to creating more environmentally friendly solutions by developing a plan to reduce the proportion of carbon and methane emissions, particularly in the industrial and transportation sectors. The expected result is the creation of a sustainable energy model at the lowest possible environmental cost. The plan is to include the developing countries in the share of these projects by providing them with the necessary technical, logistical and financial assistance and know-how.

This partnership came after the UAE successfully invested in clean and alternative energy. Today, it owns three of the most important solar energy projects in the world, which aim to cover 25% of the UAE’s electricity needs without carbon emissions.

The United Arab Emirates realizes that climate change is an undeniable fact and that addressing it is not impossible. Instead, it needs a set of practical solutions and steps. It took upon itself, along with the most US, a leading industrialized energy consumer and producer, to find alternatives. The partners seek to prevent environmental damage before it comes a threat to our security. Technological breakthroughs can help reduce net emissions and make the world a more peaceful and secure place. UAE seeks to lead the way along the US in building a green future, preventing suffering, and advancing justice through joint efforts with other friendly governments and institutions.

The UAE’s efforts were highlighted side by the side those of  the United States within the framework of its participation in the global climate summit in Egypt “COP27”, attended by US President Joe Biden, amid pressure to do more towards countries afflicted by natural disasters. Today, countries representing more than half of the global economy will determine the steps they will take to help accelerate the transition to a low-carbon future.
The US President’s climate plans were greatly enhanced this year when Congress passed legislation to invest $369 billion in clean energy in the United States.

Biden pledged to contribute $11.4 billion to an annual mechanism to provide $100 billion from industrialized nations to developing nations to transition to renewable energy sources and strengthen their resilience to climate change.

These steps and measures taken by the United Arab Emirates and the United States indicate the determination of the two countries in partnership and coordination to find a permanent, rapid and sustainable solution to a crisis that threatens the entire planet.

About the author

Maria Maalouf is a journalist, broadcaster, and owner of theCapitol Tv show from Washington DC. She holds an MA in Political Sociology from the University of Lyon. You can find her on Twitter @bilarakib

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