June 15, 2024
US State Department employee: The Houthis are committing violations against civilians, children and women in Yemen
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US State Department employee: The Houthis are committing violations against civilians, children and women in Yemen

Follow-up: Elie Cohanim, a former employee of the US State Department, confirmed that the Houthis, with Iranian support, are committing human rights violations against civilians, children and women in Yemen. 

Elie Cohanim said in a seminar organized by the Yemeni Coalition for Independent Women via Zoom platform under the title “Houthi’s Holocaust against the Children of Yemen and its Continuous Escalation on Marib in the Light of Peace Initiatives” that she stands by the Yemenis in their suffering, stressing that the government of former US President Trump classified the Houthis as a terrorist organization Foreign Ministry after a serious review of the behavior of the Houthis, however, the Biden government and lifted this classification from the Houthis as a terrorist organization. 

Elie Cohanim attributed the decision to remove al-Houthi from the list of terrorism, according to political analysts, to the fact that the Biden administration was seeking to contain the Iranian regime at the expense of this action. 

Eli Cohanim added that the Iranian regime is destabilizing the security of the Middle East and North Africa, and they seek to target Saudi Arabia, an ally of the United States, through the Houthis. 

For his part, Frank Mosmar, a university professor in Texas, said that the Houthi militias are deliberately committing these atrocities against Yemeni children and civilians through the military escalation that targets a place where there are ten million people. 

Frank Mosmar stressed that the greatest devil in the Middle East is Iran, which supports the Houthi militia, which uses hostile language (Death to America). Civilian protection and children, and when we see the pictures and the girl Lian, who accepts this view.” Frank Mosmar called on the world to stand by the civilians and children in Yemen to protect them from the Iranian-backed Houthi militia. 

Dr. Wissam Basindawa, head of the March 8 Bloc for Yemeni Women, confirmed that children in the city of Ma’rib are living in extremely difficult and tragic conditions, fearing that the same fate of the girl Lian, whose body was burned by the fire of Houthi ballistic missiles and his booby-trapped aircraft, which fall daily on the overcrowded city, will be repeated with them with the displaced. 

Dr. Basindawa said that childhood in Yemen was subjected to the worst violations by the Houthi militia, as those who do not die with their ballistic missiles will die by the mines that they randomly planted in roads and residential neighborhoods. 

Dr. Basindawa added, “Even the children who are in the Houthi militia’s control areas are not spared the terrorism of this fascist group, as it is establishing summer camps to attract children, train them and enroll them in its ranks, taking advantage of their poverty and ignorance, recruiting them and pushing them into the lines of fire, and they return to their families as dead bodies.” 

Basindawa’s aggressive targeting of cities and liberated areas populated by displaced children and women with ballistic missiles and booby-trapped planes indicates the aggressive approach of the Houthi group and the absence of its logic of peace as demonstrated by those practices.” 

Majdi Al-Akwa, an expert, human rights activist and member of the Humane League for Rights and Freedoms, considered the childhood violations practiced by the Houthi group in the case of children who are indoctrinated with methods saturated with extremism, hatred and terrorism, stressing that these will be mines exploding in the entire region. 

For his part, Mansour El-Shadadi, a human rights activist and head of the French House of Representatives, said: Yemeni that the Houthi militias do not hesitate to bomb civilians, whether in Marib or in any other areas they can reach or even in Saudi Arabia, stressing that this is the group’s approach that they can never modify. 

He added, that the Western position is not responsible for the crimes of Al-Houthi, considering that all these countries are looking for their interests, and if they find their interests with Iran, they will stand with Iran and if they find their interests with others.

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