September 27, 2023
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Morocco’s Statecraft and Diplomacy: A Robust Shift

By Abdelkader Filali. Ph.D. Ottawa University Statecraft is often popularly thought of as the art and the skills of governing a sovereign state. Simply put it is about managing state affairs. Diplomacy in a nutshell is verbally managing and communicating the complexity of international relations. Statecraft and diplomacy are best tested in critical junctures such as […]

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Russia-Ukraine conflict. Features of ethnic and national affiliation in the conflict. Russia’s new plans

By Rustam Taghizade Introduction: In recent months, relations between Ukraine and Russia have become tense again. The deployment of Russian troops along the Ukrainian border and the accumulation of military equipment on the Ukrainian border remains a fact. In early 2021, Ukraine received new Bayraktar UAVs from Turkey. In addition, Ukraine is modernizing its army […]

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A Military Defense Alliance in the Middle East with Israel the Security Guarantor

By Dr. Frank Musmar On August 3, 2021, the Israeli broadcaster, Kan, reported that Prime Minister Naftali Bennett suggested to U.S. President Joe Biden the formation of a military alliance (NATO of the Middles east) that includes Israel, the Gulf States, and Jordan to confront Iran. The report confirmed by the commission’s correspondent in Washington, […]

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Statement following the arrests in the village of Babaabé in southern Mauritania on November 28, 2021.

During the day of November 28, 2021 in the village of Babaabé, the Mauritanian police forces viciously attacked peaceful demonstrators who came to demand justice on the extrajudicial executions committed on Black Fulani soldiers in 1990, these were for the most part family members of the victims that were killed in the 1990’, who took […]

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Azerbaijan – Armenia: Tripartite agreement of November 10, 2020 and the paths to peace

by Zaur N SadigBayli Zaur N. SadigBayli Civil Administrator, Lawyer Political commentator French of Azerbaijani origin PO: Yerevan Dear Friends and Readers, Today, November 10, is the first anniversary of the signing of the tripartite agreement between Azerbaijan, Armenia and Russia that ended 30 years of conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia. However, many questions remain […]

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History of Land Slavery and Forced Displacement, it is Still happening!

By Houleye Thiam Houleye Thiam, MPA, MS is president of The Mauritanian Network for Human Rights in The US. She is also president and founder of Youth and Hope, L’espoir pour La Jeunesse and Social Worker/ Organiser / Mauritanian Community Activist Black Mauritanians have historically been stripped of their land ownership rights, most notably beginning […]

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What Is The Favorable Deal For Islamic Republic

By Sam Denver Since 1979, despite all negotiations between Iran and US, Islamic Republic remained one of the most anti-western governments in the world. Via a short review of JCPOA negotiations this writing will reveal the ultimate objectives and modus operandi of the regime in Tehran and how it is using negotiations to continue the […]

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Idlib Conflict. Turkey’s struggle with Russia over Idlib

By Rustam Taghizade Turkey has launched four military operations in northern Syria since 2016. Each military operation serves a specific purpose and in the region responds to rapidly changing scenarios. Turkey’s military operations in Syria have strained relations with the United States. At the peak of relations, of course, Turkey’s decision to deploy a Russian S-400 missile system […]

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Result: Newcastle United 1 – Qatar 0 (120-min)

Greed, Geopolitics, Propaganda & Football. By Adrian Calamel October 7th Newcastle natives (Geordies) rejoiced in the streets as a 2-year struggle against the sale of their club unexpectedly went through with a consortium of the Saudi Public Investment Fund or PIF (80%), Amanda Staveley (10%) and the Reuben brothers (10%) finally taking the reins over […]

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New realities after the Second Karabakh War. Will the opening of the Zangazur corridor put an end to conflicts in the region?

By Rustam Taghizade On November 10, 2020, the war between Azerbaijan and Armenia ended with a ceasefire agreement. This tripartite ceasefire agreement, mediated by Russia, changed the map of the South Caucasus. It should be noted that there are also unresolved issues. The presence of separatist soldiers in the territories controlled by Russian peacekeepers. The use of […]

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