November 27, 2023
North America Opinion Politics

Why is the popularity of President Biden declining?

By Maria Maalouf A version of the article appeared originally in Arabic in Sky News Arabia. The observer of American affairs notes that the popularity of any American president and his party is affected by factors that are most sensitive to the American citizen. Among the most important of these factors are the economic issues […]

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Latin America Opinion Politics

In Newsweek: Biden’s Meddling in El Salvador Compounds Open Border Security Disaster

The Washington Outsider’s Editor-in-Chief Irina Tsukerman writes in Newsweek: MS-13 (Mara Salvatrucha), an El Salvadoran gang that originated in 1970s Los Angeles, has become known as “the world’s most notorious gang.” Virtually indestructible, it has taken advantage of the Biden administration’s open border policies to advance business and consolidate power. The organization has become so […]

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Latin America News Opinion Politics

In NY Post: Biden’s mismanagement of Latin American relations spells disaster for US border security

The Washington Outsider’s Editor-in-Chief Irina Tsukerman writes in the NY Post: This week’s Summit of the Americas should be an opportunity for the US government to get together with its neighbors to find effective solutions to immigration and security challenges. Instead, even the leftist Salvadoran outlet El Faro notes the meeting is shaping up to be another foreign-policy and […]

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Europe MENA News Opinion Politics

In NY Post: Biden’s cynical ploy to return to Iran deal because of Ukraine

The Washington Outsider’s Editor-in-Chief Irina Tsukerman writes in the NY Post: President Biden’s speech announcing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and declaring a set of sanctions against Russia’s elites is, on the surface, a typical statement attacking a ruthless hegemonic dictator. But it not only misses the forest for the trees — it enables the manipulative strategies of […]

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Caucasus MENA News Opinion Politics

In Newsweek: A Pro-Western Azerbaijan Deserves American Support

The Washington Outsider’s Editor-in-Chief Irina Tsukerman co-wrote an article with Southfive Strategies’ President Jason Epstein in Newsweek. One of us is a human rights attorney stridently opposed to Turkish foreign policy in the Eastern Mediterranean and elsewhere; the other is a public affairs consultant who strongly believes Turkey is a key pillar in America’s ongoing […]

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Africa Featured MENA News News Politics

Morocco: The African Champion

By Professor Amine Laghidi With the beginning of this new year 2022 the Kingdom of Morocco confirms its position as the African Champion and a true engaged locomotive for peace and economic development in Africa and the world. After a perfect score management of the pandemic since the very 1st days of the start of […]

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Europe News Opinion Politics

The Struggle of the West and Russia for Ukraine

By Rustam Taghizade, Political Scientist Moscow’s capture of Crimea, its incitement of separatists in the southeast, and its direct involvement in the bloody conflict in the Donbas have increased Russia’s aggressive role in the international arena. Russia has mobilized more than 100,000 troops along Ukraine’s border. According to British intelligence, Russia may attack Ukraine in […]

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Africa Featured MENA News Politics

A Weaker Africa is one of Algeria’ Larger Aims

The Malian Crisis: Algeria’ Destabilising Interference By Abdelkader Filali. Ph.D. Ottawa University The military regime in Algeria, cannot and will never be a peace broker, but a conflict maker. The whole literature, which studied military regimes in various geographies notes that by its nature, a military regime does not have the authenticity and the credibility […]

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Featured News Politics

The crisis in Kazakhstan. The impact of the crisis on geopolitical processes.

By Rustam Taghizade, Political Scientist Protests in Kazakhstan on January 2 reached a peak in the country. Peaceful protests began earlier this week in the western Kazakh city of Zhanaozen. Rising fuel prices in this oil-rich city have led to deeper dissatisfaction with the country’s economic and political structure. Kazakh President Tokayev has made some […]

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Africa MENA News Opinion Politics

Morocco’s Statecraft and Diplomacy: A Robust Shift

By Abdelkader Filali. Ph.D. Ottawa University Statecraft is often popularly thought of as the art and the skills of governing a sovereign state. Simply put it is about managing state affairs. Diplomacy in a nutshell is verbally managing and communicating the complexity of international relations. Statecraft and diplomacy are best tested in critical junctures such as […]

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