June 17, 2024
Morocco-Israel diplomacy: Appointment of two “David diplomats, connoisseurs of Islam and Arabs” in Rabat
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Morocco-Israel diplomacy: Appointment of two “David diplomats, connoisseurs of Islam and Arabs” in Rabat

David Govrin, first ambassador to the kingdom of HM King Mohammed VI and his deputy, David Eyal. Both academics, graduates in Islamic and Middle Eastern studies. A first.

Aged 58, Govrin has been a diplomat since 1989 and speaks Arabic fluently. He was notably Ambassador to Egypt from 2016 to August 2020 and Chargé d’affaires of the Israeli diplomatic mission in Rabat since January 26, 2020.

David Eyal, former deputy Israeli ambassador to Nairobi, accredited to Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi and Seychelles, is appointed, most recently deputy to Govrin.

Opening the Moroccan embassy in Tel Aviv: A simple formality.

As a reminder, On December 10, 2020, Morocco and Israel announced the resumption of diplomatic relations between them, which had broken off in 2000. And in August, Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid inaugurated Israel’s liaison office in the Moroccan capital and announced the next visit of Moroccan Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita to Israel in October or early November to open the Moroccan embassy in Tel Aviv.

A relevant question: Was he aware that Bourita will be returned to his post, after the legislative elections of September 8, and that the train of diplomatic normalization between Morocco and the Hebrew state, will move up a gear: The diplomatic mission will be transformed into an embassy? Everything suggests that the answer is YES!

And an observation for the record: Morocco already has more than 800,000 Jewish ambassadors of Moroccan origin in … Israel!

David Govrin, ex-charge d’affaires of the Israeli diplomatic mission in Rabat, revealed on his Twitter account that he had been appointed Israeli ambassador to Morocco.

“I have the honor to share with my followers and friends around the world the news of my appointment as the official ambassador of the State of Israel to Morocco. On this occasion, I thank all our partners in Morocco and abroad for their efforts to establish peace and security. We will continue our work to develop common relations for the benefit of the two brotherly countries ”, wrote David Govrin on Sunday evening October 10 on his Twitter account. A job, facilitated by the electoral debacle of Moroccan Islamists, ex-leader of the Moroccan government, and a mission shared with the new Akhannouch government.

Good luck!

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