May 28, 2024
Statement on the end of the Group of Eminent Experts mandate
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Statement on the end of the Group of Eminent Experts mandate

Civil society organizations followed the refusal of the Human Rights Council , to extend the work of the Group of Eminent Experts.

As these organizations thank the members of the Human Rights Council, they declare their support and blessing for the resolution and appreciate the position of the member states of the Arab Group. And the position of friends in Russia and China, and all members of the distinguished Council who supported this.

The courageous stance that established a positive ,and reliable precedent in the history of the Council by rejecting draft resolutions as long as it did not triumph over justice. The draft resolutions are no longer considered postulates without evaluation.

It stresses that the work of the team of eminent experts was neither neutral nor professional, and was marred by many inaccuracies. The organizations have always appealed to the Council and the High Commissioner for the necessity of evaluating the work of the team, which was characterized by the nature of politicization, impartiality and lack of professionalism since the first day of work and selection of the team.

Information about the experts and investigators in the group indicates that some have never worked or participated in any tasks related to collecting and examining information or assessing the situation, as well as investigation or fact-finding work. Rather, previous experiences were related to political and partisan aspects in their countries.

The civil society and human rights organizations that signed the statement affirm what they had previously warned against, that the team leader was influenced by the political aspect more than the professional in dealing with the human rights file, as he relied on personalities and organizations with a political agenda, and this appeared through his participation in seminars, events and campaigns under the supervision of the Cairo Center affiliated This is reflected in the reports issued by the team.

The rejection of the extension project for this politicized team reflects the size of the sense of responsibility of the esteemed council, and it means a lot to the Yemenis, as it is a victory for the innocent in Yemen who are killed on a daily basis by the Houthi group, while the team of experts ignored most of the grave violations for reasons related to their inability to be on Yemeni lands. They obtained data remotely and from organizations affiliated with the Houthi group, which was reflected in their biased and politicized reports over a period of three years.

The termination of the mission of the UN experts is a historic step that establishes confidence in the council ,and confirms its refusal to use human rights issues as a tool for political blackmail. The decision also constituted a blow to the soft Houthi wing, which for years concealed the Houthi crimes and attempts to deceive and obscure the facts.

We also stress the need to work to build the capacities of the relevant national institutions, in order to build a justice system, that guarantees the rights of victims.

And to hold perpetrators of violations accountable and not to repeat them, given that national mechanisms are the only guarantee for the protection and promotion of human rights.

To address the effects of the conflict, since what was mentioned in the reports of the group of experts, no In any case, the promotion and protection of human rights can contribute.

On the contrary, it contributes to misleading international bodies to understand the reality of the conflict in Yemen, complicates and increases the difficulty of reaching a national settlement in accordance with Security Council resolutions, and encourages the Houthi group to continue their criminal acts.

1.  True Human Rights institution

 2. The Civil Network for Development, Information and the Protection of Human Rights

 3. Al-Dhalea Center for Justice and Equity

 4. The Yemeni Coalition of Independent Women

 5. 8th March  Yemeni Union women

 6. Washington Outside

 7. Arab Initiative for Education and Development

 8. Women’s Coalition for Peace in Yemen

 9. Association for the Protection of Abused Women and Survivors of Houthi Prisons

 10. Kony Watan Organization for Rights and Freedoms

 11. Rescue Call for Rights and Development

 12. Free Voices Organization

 13. Yemenia Foundation for Integrity and Transparency

 14. Freedom Foundation for Human Rights and Development

 15. Gulf of Aden Foundation for Human Development and Social Services

 16. Al-Dhale Foundation for Media, Monitoring and Human Rights

 17. The Coordinating Council of Civil Society Organizations and Human Rights

18. broken chair organization

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