June 14, 2024
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Despite Israeli warnings on Hamas activists, Italy seems hesitant to intervene

by Giovanni Giacalone On October 10th, just a few days after the massacre perpetrated by Hamas against Israeli civilians in

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Who Is The Real Defense Minister of Saudi Arabia?

Is the new Deputy Defense Minister Prince Abdulrahman Al-Muqrin a potential contender for the Saudi throne? by Irina Tsukerman Can

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Will Ghana Be The Next African Country To Undergo A Coup?

by Scott Morgan The Security Challenges in the Sahel are continuing the trajectory of moving southwards towards the Gulf of

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New Hate Crime Bill in South Africa Sparks Controversy

by Scott Morgan There is a piece of legislation in the South African Parliament that is creating some controversy as

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The enemy within and the lack of courage by the West: Why They Don’t Want to Touch the Islamists

by Giovanni Giacalone On Saturday October 21st massive pro-Palestinian demonstrations took place in London with slogans invoking “jihad”, the “Dawlat

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Palestinian leader in Italy calls Hamas’ crimes against humanity “self-defense”. Pictures of him with Khaled Meshaal and Ismail Haniyeh only make things worse.

by Giovanni Giacalone In the afternoon of October 10th 2023 in Milan’s very central Piazza Mercanti, less than 100 meters

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The Niger Junta’s Hypocrisy on Military Aid: The Appeal to Guinea

by Scott Morgan When pertaining to sudden and often violent changes in government there is a train of thought that

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Why the Coup in Niger Should Come As No Surprise

by Scott Morgan The events in Niamey that occurred on July 26th caught some analysts by surprise but if one

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Why the Attacks on Al Shabaab in Somalia and Kenya Are on the Rise

by Scott Morgan The weekend of July 8th was an eventful one in Somalia. The country still remains unstable and

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Desperate Moroccan Opposition Draws Legitimacy From “Awards Ceremony” aka a House Party in Queens

by Irina Tsukerman Within the last few weeks, the US has praised Morocco twice, underscoring the importance of the relationship

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