July 19, 2024
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The Italian stations are in the hands of drug dealers and have become a no man’s land

by Giovanni Giacalone On Tuesday March 7, 2023, a 23-year-old Moroccan citizen identified as Abraham Rasi, illegal on Italian soil, wounded six people (three women and three men) in a series of armed robberies in the Milan Central train station. Two of the wounded were brought to the hospital in serious conditions but their lives […]

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Review of Social Development Bank Initiatives in Saudi Arabia

By Dr Sultan Alateeg Governments in many affluent nations now face financial and social difficulties as a result of the global financial crisis. Today’s governments face challenges brought on by years of excessive spending, rising debt, and expanding budget deficits. Governments must also cope with rising unemployment, little to no economic development, more poverty, and […]

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The love between the Italian left-wing and Qatar is a risk to regional security

By Giovanni Giacalone The Qatargate scandal is only in its very early phase, but the situation already seems to be very serious. The “Italian job”, as indicated in the Belgian court papers due to the fact that so far most of the involved individuals are Italians and mainly linked to Partito Democratico-PD and Articolo 1 […]

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In NY Post: Biden’s mismanagement of Latin American relations spells disaster for US border security

The Washington Outsider’s Editor-in-Chief Irina Tsukerman writes in the NY Post: This week’s Summit of the Americas should be an opportunity for the US government to get together with its neighbors to find effective solutions to immigration and security challenges. Instead, even the leftist Salvadoran outlet El Faro notes the meeting is shaping up to be another foreign-policy and […]

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Decrypting Cryptocurrency: Technology, Policy, Strategy

The Washington Outsider’s Decrypting Cryptocurrency: Technology, Policy, Strategy with Saeed Aldarmaki (Founder & CEO of Sheesha Finance Special Advisor of CasperLabs Co-Founder of Alphabit Digital Currency Fund, Partner, Jahani & Associates) and Todd “TW” White (Managing Partner of Washington, DC-based RWGS, Founder, American Blockchain PAC, policy specialist in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, Former Bloomberg […]

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How Houthi Attacks Undermine Religious Freedom in Yemen

Don’t miss the The Washington Outsider panel on the #Houthi violations of the recently concluded truce through its attacks on religious institutions in #Yemen, featuring Dr. Wesam Basindowah, Adel Al Ahmadi, and Adrian Calamel. Why #Houthi dogma will never coexist with others.

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Brazilian Escorts Supplying Hezbullah With Cocaine Preparing Shipment to Berlin; Doxx American Investigators Putting Their Lives at Risk

The story has it all: drug dealers, international intrigue, prostitutes, Austrian princes, terrorists, a Lebanese Palestinian clan, former football players, undercover authorities, audio recordings, secret meetings, hackers, and blackmail. All of these elements are brought together by a group of Brazilian escorts and their associates, including the former escort Gabriela König, and others. Their unscrupulous […]

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Morocco: The African Champion

By Professor Amine Laghidi With the beginning of this new year 2022 the Kingdom of Morocco confirms its position as the African Champion and a true engaged locomotive for peace and economic development in Africa and the world. After a perfect score management of the pandemic since the very 1st days of the start of […]

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The Struggle of the West and Russia for Ukraine

By Rustam Taghizade, Political Scientist Moscow’s capture of Crimea, its incitement of separatists in the southeast, and its direct involvement in the bloody conflict in the Donbas have increased Russia’s aggressive role in the international arena. Russia has mobilized more than 100,000 troops along Ukraine’s border. According to British intelligence, Russia may attack Ukraine in […]

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The crisis in Kazakhstan. The impact of the crisis on geopolitical processes.

By Rustam Taghizade, Political Scientist Protests in Kazakhstan on January 2 reached a peak in the country. Peaceful protests began earlier this week in the western Kazakh city of Zhanaozen. Rising fuel prices in this oil-rich city have led to deeper dissatisfaction with the country’s economic and political structure. Kazakh President Tokayev has made some […]

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